Rutgers-Newark protests police racism


A vocal group of Rutgers-Newark students confronted at least 15 riot geared Newark police officers and slowed rush hour traffic to a crawl before Rutgers University police closed down University Avenue this morning. The students distributed literature calling for dismissal of police officer Clay Davis, who allegedly called a student “an uppity n-----“ during a March 5 arrest for disorderly conduct on a Rutgers Shuttle.

The students also documented a November 2004 incident where an African American male student reported being threatened by a Rutgers University police officer who menaced him with a drawn gun in his face and a racial slur after the student reported witnessing a car theft.

Shouting for Clay’s dismissal amid chants of “no justice, no peace, no racist police” the protestors marched through campus, to the Provost’s office and pledged to stay vigilant until the University took action.

Rutgers-Newark Provost Steve Diner issued a statement that a state-mandated process for dealing with allegations of police misconduct had been launched.

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