"Day of Outrage" against the War in Iraq. Plainfield Rally.

June 26, 2004

People's Organization for Progress NJ Peace Action
The People's Organization for Progress and NJ Peace Action joined together on June 26 at Front and Park Streets in Plainfield to call for an immediate withdrawl of U.S. troups from Iraq. Among the attendees, Martha Fowler brought photographs of her 29-year-old son Cuttino Fowler II, an Army reservist called up to active duty in Iraq. Cuttino, a Plainfield native with four children, is currently riding along with the convoys in Iraq, which are often targets for attack. Fowler was scheduled to come home mid-April after serving one full year in Iraq, but after sending home his personal belongings, he discovered his tour of duty had been extended until at least July.

Mrs. Fowler said Cuttino is scheduled to return July 17, but reported he said he "will not believe it until he is on the plane home."

Steve Hatcher coordinated the rally for POP and brought up Kit Marlow from NJ Peace Action, who denounced the Iraq war as "stupid," and Diane Beany who pointed out the war is being fought on behalf of U.S. defense contractors such as Halliburton and Bechtel. Finally, Steve brought up his young son as the reason he continues on working for peace.

The People's Organization for Progress Plainfield branch meets the first Monday of each month at Agape Worshop Center at 522 East 7th Street at 6:30. For further info contact Steve Hatcher (908).

Both POP and NJ Peace Action are founding member organizations of the NJ Coalition Against the War in Iraq. POP designed June 16 as a "Day or Outrage" against the war and coordinated simultaneous protests in cities throughout central and northern New Jersey.

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