Justice for Chakan Nance rally


01.POP and community members gather 02.the corner where Chakan Nance was killed 03.police are on the scene
01.POP and community members gather.jpg 02.the corner where Chakan Nance was killed.jpg 03.police are on the scene.jpg
04.newark police kills 05.channel 7 news ran a segement 06.nance family members
04.newark police kills.jpg 05.channel 7 news ran a segement.jpg 06.nance family members.jpg
07.march to police station 08.at the station 09.chakan sister speaks
07.march to police station.jpg 08.at the station.jpg 09.chakan sister speaks.jpg
10.another sister 11.chakans childrens 12.police watch
10.another sister.jpg 11.chakans childrens.jpg 12.police watch.jpg
13.the crowd 14.marchers 15.peoples organization for progress sign
13.the crowd.jpg 14.marchers.jpg 15.peoples organization for progress sign.jpg
16.power to the people sign 17.justice for chakan nance 18.stop police brutality sign
16.power to the people sign.jpg 17.justice for chakan nance.jpg 18.stop police brutality sign.jpg
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