POP Protest Against Police Brutality
Nat Bender

The People's Organization for Progress marched on Saturday, August 20, 2003 to protest the police killings of that month, including Michael Newkirk, who had been killed Wednesday of that week at a block party by Newark police with a bottle in his hand. POP marched from Broad and Market Streets in Newark to the front of the Newark Police Department to bring the demand for justice and accountability directly to the police. As photos below indicate, the march was under surveilance by a videographer who refused to identify himself when asked by WBAI's Fred Nyugen.

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P0001872.jpg P0001873.jpg P0001874.jpg
P0001875 P0001876 P0001877
P0001875.jpg P0001876.jpg P0001877.jpg
P0001878 P0001879 P0001880
P0001878.jpg P0001879.jpg P0001880.jpg
P0001881 P0001882 P0001883
P0001881.jpg P0001882.jpg P0001883.jpg
P0001884 P0001885 P0001886
P0001884.jpg P0001885.jpg P0001886.jpg
P0001887 P0001888 P0001889
P0001887.jpg P0001888.jpg P0001889.jpg
P0001890 P0001891 P0001892
P0001890.jpg P0001891.jpg P0001892.jpg
P0001893 P0001894  
P0001893.jpg P0001894.jpg

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