Rally against war in Iraq

Nat Bender

On Saturday, October 26, between 100,000 and 200,000 gathered on the mall in Washington, DC near the Vietnam War Memorial to oppose war in Iraq. Speakers for the day included Ramsey Clark of the International ANSWER coalition, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton,  Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange, Cong. Cynthia McKinney, Dick Gregory and many activists from varying political, culture and religious backgrounds. There were many tributes to Sen. Paul Wellstone, whose plane crashed the day before. Below are a few digital pics from the day. Click on the images for larger photos and to navigate through a brief slide show of the images.
1_artic 2_war_caravan 3_jeb_sucks
4_jews4peace 5_collateral_damage 6_wbai
7_defeat_imperialism 8_nj_coalition 9_crowd
91_remember_wellstone 92_promote_peace 93_participate
94_death_gas 95_palestine 96_oil_sucking_pigs
97_iraqi_children 98_white_house 99_white_house2
991_geography 992_unitarians 993_bomb_texas
994_wh_back 995_marching 996_vieques
997_phony 998_democracy_now   more