Mumia Abu Jamal Rally outside the state hearing

Nat Bender
Supporters of Mumia Abu Jamal gathered to call for a new PA state trial for Mumia, based at least in part on a newly released confession from a mob-hired hit man who confesses to the murder of office Dan Faulkner. CNN reports, "In a tense hearing lasting about 30 minutes, Judge Pamela Dembe refused a request by Abu-Jamal's attorneys to schedule oral arguments, and directed lawyers for both sides to file briefs on whether she should have jurisdiction over the petition for a new trial." The following photos are the sites from the rally outside the courtroom.

Update 9/9/01

Visit the International Action Center to download a video PSA of the below event and promos for a 9/15 rally for Mumia.

For more information about the case, please refer to +MUMIA2000

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1 the scene from City Hall where demonstrators gathered across the street 11 free Mumia he is innocent 111 abolish the racist death penality 112 Mumia must live 113 some wore masks
1 the scene from... 11 free Mumia he... 111 abolish the ... 112 Mumia must l... 113 some wore ma...
114 many groups were represented 115 the Workers World Party calls for a stop to the execution 116 van for Mumia behind PR flag and police 117 National Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement 118 the view from the barricades
114 many groups ... 115 the Workers ... 116 van for Mumi... 117 National Peo... 118 the view fro...
119 statements of unity with Mumia from throughout the world were read 120 Mumia is all of us Thank you Democracy Now 121 Actor Ossie Davis has been active in supporting Mumia 122 mid morning one of Mumias lawyers announces that both sides will have to file additional briefs 123 poet Sonia Sanchez comedian philosopher Dick Gregory and Davis listen
119 statements o... 120 Mumia is all... 121 Actor Ossie ... 122 mid morning ... 123 poet Sonia S...
124 Ossie Davis has declared that freeing Mumia is a cause for this generation of activists to take up 125 Rev Jessie Jackson spoke about the injustice of the case 126 Jackson called for an overhaul of the American injustice system 127 Newly banned WBAI producer Bob Lederer of Health Action attended 128 Poet Sonia Sanchez called on the crowd to remain active
124 Ossie Davis ... 125 Rev Jessie J... 126 Jackson call... 127 Newly banned... 128 Poet Sonia S...
129 Sanchez is currently a professor at Temple in Philadelphia 130 Dick Gregory announced a fast and asked everyone to join him in prayer justice in this case 131 Gregory used some humor but was very serious about the case 132 After the speeches Pam Africa led the group in a march down Market Street 133 and the rally continued on Market below 10th Street
129 Sanchez is c... 130 Dick Gregory... 131 Gregory used... 132 After the sp... 133 and the rall...