Rutgers "Justice for Janitors" rally

Nat T. Bender

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While President Lawrence kicked off a $500 million fund drive inside the Robeson Campus Center in Newark, a group of enthusiastic students, faculty, staff and janitorial workers protested the unfair treatment by Rutgers of janitors. Although 34 cleaning contractors have signed the NJ 2001 independent contractor's collective bargining agreement, Rutgers brought in a non-union cleaning contractor. Outsource cleaners at Rutgers are paid $7.30 per hour and receive no health insurance or sick pay. Check for more information about Justice for Janitors campaigns around the country.

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1_starting_the_march 2_in_the_courtyard 21_union_busting_is_disgusting 22_chanting_justice_for_janitors 223_marching_around_the_courtyard
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23_the_scene_in_front_of_Robeson 24_ur_being_watched 25_where_would_Paul_Robeson_stand 26_across_MLK_from_Robeson 27_graduate_students_support_the_janitors
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28_living_wage_now 3_ru_students_support_justice4janitors 31_pay_my_mommy_more 32_pay_my_mommy_more_2
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